What’s Next in Measurement

Numbers are only the beginning of the conversation. Internal communicators are often tasked to deliver KPIs that demonstrate the impact and value of their departments to the C-suite — but without clear benchmarks, clean data and careful interpretation of those figures, you could be sharing only part of the story. In this far-reaching panel, three measurement experts discuss how measurement strategies have changed, and the numbers you should be using to measure employee engagement. You’ll :

  • Winning the C-suite: Data storytelling strategies to deliver clear, compelling metrics that demonstrate internal comms value and can win more budget.
  • Focus Groups and Pulse Surveys: How to measure and track employee engagement around trust, authenticity and transparency.
  • Innovations in commtech: The latest channels, tools and resources that keep employees connected and informed — plus how to extract data from these tools.
  • New efficiencies: Tools communicators can use to automate, improve and elevate data – and how best to streamline workflows, outreach and reporting.
  • Chintimini Meadow Keith
    SVP, Corporate Communications
  • Andrew Bates
    Enterprise Data Strategy Director
  • Mary Beth McCloy
    Director, Corporate Communications
    The Goddard School