Brand Storytelling Workshop

Brand storytelling is a powerful tool for attracting, engaging and compelling your audiences to act. After all, 68% of consumers are more likely to remember a story than a list of facts and 64% make purchases after watching branded social media videos. But brand storytelling has radically transformed with the arrival of AI and shifting social media landscape. This deep-drive workshop helps you navigate what’s new and what’s next for branded stories. You’ll learn:

  • Planning: New ways to build a truly authentic multi-channel storytelling strategy in the age of AI—including how  AI can improve story targeting.
  • Brand Story Anatomy: New techniques for finding and structuring a compelling brand narrative that can fuel your content calendar.
  • Production: Innovations in collecting or curating winning brand stories—including video production techniques for studio-level storytelling.
  • Promotion: How to share your story across the changing social media and traditional media landscape—so they give your brand a bigger bounce.
  • Proving Value: How to measure the impact of brand storytelling efforts
  • Tevah El Emmet
    Marketing Strategist and Founder
    Nspired Media