Measurement Certificate Course for Communicators – Part 2

The Tactics: Mastering the Essential KPIs, Tools and Google Analytics

Now that you have the basics down and assessed where you stand, let’s take the next step and turn the spotlight on tailoring the framework you learned to the specific metrics, methods and tools you need to execute a practical measurement program for your organization. You’ll learn:

  • Essential KPIs to measure: How to track everything from trust and credibility to loyalty, engagement, DEI communications, social responsibility and more
  • How to define bespoke metrics for your team’s specific needs
  • How to use GA4 to show your contribution to the bottom line
  • Insights to select the best possible measurement tool for your specific metrics
  • How to address questions about measuring ROI for your efforts
  • Special focus: How to design and implement an internal comms measurement program
  • Katie Delahaye Paine
    Founder and CEO
    Paine Publishing
  • Julie O'Neil
    Professor and associate dean for graduate studies and administration
    Texas Christian University
  • David Whiting
    U.S. Lead, CommsTech Solutions