AI Certificate Course – Week 2: Writing, Images and Video

Content Generation: Upskill Your Writing and Multimedia Creation with AI

Now that you have the basics of prompts and AI tools like ChatGPT down, let’s translate these principles into improving your writing and content generation. Discover how to quickly craft tailored, compelling copy and images for any type of communications content—from emails to blogs, white papers, social media posts, press releases, slides, video and more. You’ll learn:

  • Brainstorming and planning: How to use Gen AI to generate big ideas, refine existing written content and streamline writing workflow processes.
  • Writing with AI: How to use AI to improve writing and content output—including a deeper dive into prompts.
  • Image and video generation: A deep-dive walkthrough and easy hacks for using Dall-E within ChatGPT—plus a review of other video creation and editing tools.
  • Hero content creation: We’ll workshop how to create cornerstone content for your brand and repurpose it across top communications outputs, including emails, blogs, social media posts and more.
  • Multimedia bonus: A deep dive into tapping GenAI to plan and produce highly shareable podcasts and video—including how to address ethical and legal concerns.
  • Jennifer Clemente
    Manager of Communications
    D-Wave Quantum
  • Catherine Richards
    AI Content and Experience Strategist
    Richards Creative
  • Steve Mudd
    Founder and CEO
    Talentless AI