Innovative Intranets: How to Break Down Silos and Boost Engagement

Traditional intranets are often digital wastelands — often because they’re siloed as internal comms vehicles and a repository for humdrum announcements. The good news is that you can re-envision your intranet as a lively, can’t-miss hub infused with more than HR priorities and internal comms initiatives — including the POVs and personas of leadership. Join to learn how to integrate your executive and employee comms in one platform that gives voice to your two most important assets. You’ll learn:

  • Relaunch lessons: Easy fixes to the design of your intranet to maximize user experience.
  • Cascading thought leadership: Recentering your digital workplace around voice, vision and value — plus how to drive internal thought leadership on SharePoint and Yammer.
  • People over process: Elevating intranet content beyond the transactional using short video messages, authentic stories and AMAs to peek into exec personalities and POVs.
  • Two-way dialog: Crafting surveys and collecting feedback on your internal networks.
  • AI risks and rewards: Data privacy and other issues around AI-enabled intranets — plus how AI can improve intranet workflows, cognitive search and intranet personalization.
  • Shannon Iwaniuk
    Director, Internal Communications