Unleashing the Quill: The Ultimate Self-Editing Deep Dive

Writing is a bittersweet process. With many of us racing against the clock, it can be the most daunting to-do on your list. While the eleventh-hour approach has become commonplace, it’s often a recipe for disaster that leads to panic writing and a loss of brevity. Thinking like an editor and self-editing as you create will not only save you time but will become non-negotiable once you incorporate it into your writing tool kit. Start implementing new habits and getting rid of old ones that no longer serve you. In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why you should create an outline that gives you a manageable road map to meeting your goals
  • The power of multi-device editing (and sometimes multi-font!)
  • How to use panic writing to your advantage in times of need
  • Why complete is better than perfect
  • The things newsroom editors hate—common errors and peeves to avoid
  • Anne Stuart
    Senior Editor, Connections
    MIT Sloan Management Review