Be Your Department’s Best Writer

Writing is the No. 1 skill execs are looking for from communicators. Employee engagement begins with people-first messaging that is clear, concise, and well … snappy. You need to draw in your reader and then keep them engaged. How do you do that? You’ll learn:

  • How to write like a journalist: the 5Ws and 1H.
  • How to create catchy headlines for your newsletters, Intranets and even email subject lines.
  • How to tell your employee stories and create dedicated employee profiles.
  • How to be bias-free in your messaging.
  • Techniques to craft social media posts to make your company (and stakeholders) stand out from the crowd.
  • Emily Inverso
    Senior Director
    Axios HQ
  • Jim Ylisela
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner
    Ragan Consulting Group