Storytelling at Speed: How to Conceive, Plan and Report a Story Under Deadline

Pressure makes diamonds. But it can also make for half-baked content and filler stories — unless you have a process in place that you can turn to when you are time crunched. This session is a selection of best practices gathered from brand newsrooms across the country — curated to help your team write better, quicker. You’ll learn how to:

  • Become a faster writer by being the best reporter in your organization
  • Develop go-to sources that can give you what you need in a pinch
  • Employ the CRAP Method: Craft Really Awful Prose – and then fix it
  • News-jack great content and insert your experts
  • Punt: When all else fails, turn to the Inverted Pyramid
  • Jim Ylisela
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner
    Ragan Consulting Group