Measuring Success: Analytics and Metrics in Employee Communications

In measurement, everything has a gauge. However, understanding the correlation or deviation between your measurements and senior leadership’s expectations is invaluable. During this panel session, delve into the realm of assessing the efficacy of your employee communications. We’ll explore the analysis of open rates, click-throughs, views and comments. Get ready to uncover:

  • Storytelling through Data: Explore strategies for transforming complex data into compelling narratives that resonate with employees, effectively conveying the value of your employee communications efforts.
  • Refinement Engine: Harnessing your dashboard for continuous evaluation and enhancement of internal comms.
  • Defining and aligning KPIs: Maximize ROI by connecting with the root of what employees value and laddering employee campaigns and messaging to broader people and culture objectives and metrics to meaningfully move the needle.
  • Prove Comm’s Impact: Explore how to use analytics and metrics to validate the impact of your communications efforts to the C-suite, explaining why your efforts drive value — all to help you get that seat at the table.
  • Monisha Mukhija
    Sr. Strategy & Planning Manager, Digital Business Transformation
  • Richard D’Ambrosio
    Vice President of Communications
    Marshall and Sterling