Mastering Business Acumen: Pathway to Becoming a Strategic Advisor to the C-suite

The volatile social, political and economic environment is amplifying the importance of public relations professionals in serving as trusted advisors and counselors to the C-suite. PR professionals that master business acumen gain the trust of C-suite leaders, maximize their influence with their organizations and clients, and power up their career prospects.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The need for business savvy in the “what do I do?” stage of PR’s evolution
  • Insights into business acumen from Chief Communications Officers (CCOs)
  • What specific areas and subjects CCOs say encompass business acumen
  • What CCOs say are the perceived benefits of building business acumen
  • Five ways to start developing the business acumen of you and your team
  • Matt Ragas
    Associate Professor
    Depaul University