How to Lead Efforts to Operationalize AI in Corporate Comms

AI is moving fast—and other departments are already using it as you read this. Keep up and enhance your career, comms department, strategic value and contributions to organizational goals by learning how to fully operationalize AI across your communications. This hands-on workshop will show you how Merck’s comms team successfully integrated AI tools and challenges into its workflow—so you and your team can make the jump without the pitfalls. You’ll learn:

  • What’s new: The latest AI launches and how to choose which are best for your organization.
  • Adopting AI: How to develop a roadmap for AI implementation tailored to your department’s needs.
  • Fostering an AI-friendly culture: How to create an internal AI committee—plus how to draft AI policies and guidelines for your team.
  • Measurement: Ideas for monitoring the effectiveness of your AI efforts, including how to measure AI’s impact on comms content and your team.
  • Ideas to borrow: Examples and use cases to build out in your own organization.
  • Craig Thomason
    Director of Global Employee and Leadership Communications