Data-Driven Social Media Measurement: Handling Tight Budgets, Tracking Trust and More

Social media teams are feeling the pressure to deliver more value, especially at a time when tracking budgets and audience trust are feeling the squeeze. The good news is that data can help you be more strategic about your social media at a time when every post and penny counts. Join to hear how to be smarter about the way you measure and optimize social media efforts while building or rebuilding audience trust — regardless what the economy brings. You’ll learn: 

  • Updating your toolkit: Essential social media measurement tools. 
  • How to set more meaningful social media measurement objectives in a downturn. 
  • How to audit and adjust your social media in real-time so you can optimize results (i.e., reallocate precious dollars from what’s fizzling to what’s sizzling).
  • How to create an integrated, wholistic strategy that impacts brand voice, storytelling and trust.
  • The trust factor: How one nonprofit organization is building trust via more authentic social media — and harnessing data to show progress. 
  • The trust factor meets Tumblrs: How being hyper-local on social media helps build trust — examples and measurement lessons learned from a fun, local campaign.
  • Speaking the boss’s language: How to tie social media to ROI (yes, they’ll ask). 
  • Andre Hidalgo
    Associate State Director of Social Media