Speechwriters Braintrust: Practical Secrets of Writing Amazing, Authentic Speeches

Join this panel for practical takeaways from former White House insiders, current government speechwriters and top corporate executive comms directors—so your leadership can deliver the goods when it matters most. You’ll discover:

  • Empathizer-in-chief: How execs can “speak from the heart” to communicate
    greater authenticity and connect emotionally with audiences
  • Essential elements and storytelling magic: Techniques for transforming complex
    issues into earworms, viral concepts and stories that move hearts and minds
  • Balancing feeling with facts: How leaders can communicate truth with storytelling
  • DE&I guide: Insights for bridging the divide with the language of inclusivity
  • Bonus: Secrets of career success in speechwriting and public affairs
  • Shannon (Marshall) Marone
    Public Affairs Manager
    Brunswick Corporation
  • Katye Riselli
    Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • David Levey
    Speechwriter and Public Affairs Officer
    Formerly with the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Alexandra Robinson
    Deputy Speechwriter
    U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh