Brands Taking a Stand: Purpose Communications to Nurture Employee Loyalty

When brands stand up for an issue or cause, do their employees take note? In this session, we’ll discuss how effectively communicating and living your brand purpose goes far beyond “walking the talk” to take action — and how incorporating employee listening and embedding purpose communications across business functions can positively impact employee retention and your bottom line. You’ll learn:

  • How to navigate whether you respond to issues with respect to your employee feedback, business imperatives and reputational considerations
  • Employee listening strategies that identify emerging employee concerns and potential employee activists before they escalate
  • Insights on how to ensure purpose communications have credibility, and authenticity, for meaningful and measurable impact
  • Tips for ensuring your purpose communications are not ‘one and done’ or siloed to one department
  • Terez Hanhan
    Programs and Research Manager
    Born This Way Foundation
  • Ben Cumming
    Communications Director
    Responsible Business Initiative for Justice
  • Danielle Brigida
    Acting deputy director of digital strategy
U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Curtis Sparrer
    Bospar PR