Purpose Under Pressure: How to Listen to, and Act on, What Employees Expect from Their Employer

A clearly defined company purpose fosters belonging among employees — and shows why all company purpose statements and their activations are not created equal. In this closing session, Carol Cone, purpose communications leader and CEO of Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, will talk with purpose leaders to discuss their approaches to embedding and activating purpose within their organizations. Cone will also share key findings from her newly released research report, “Purpose Under Pressure,” to illustrate how listening to employees and backing up what you promise can boost recruitment, retention and purpose alignment across the entire organization.

You’ll learn: 

  • What makes up a mature purpose plan vs. one in its infancy
  • Tips for real-time employee listening that inform your purpose messaging
  • How to embed your purpose commitments across business functions for strategic alignment
  • Carol Cone
    CEO and founder
    Carol Cone ON PURPOSE
  • Megan DiSciullo
    US & Mexico Communications Leader