What’s Next for Public Affairs: A New Era of Reckoning, Responsibility & Reputation

Hope may be in the air, but distrust still pervades both sides of the aisle, trust in institutions continues to nosedive and many PACs remain frozen. So what’s the path forward for public affairs? Join for an unvarnished take on selling ideas that influence, the higher social impact of public affairs and how to represent facts in service of both truth and your agenda. You’ll hear:

  • What to expect amid continued threats and political disruption
  • How to handle the “trust gap” created by fringe voices and political influences
    (many using the same tools and tactics you do)
  • Selling ideas that influence: Our responsibility as public affairs pros in the era of alternative facts, the beatdown of truth and even “The Big Lie”
  • Building bridges: How to find new ways to work together
  • How to navigate the merging of consumerism and activism—especially as
    stakeholders in government are increasingly younger
  • What the future holds for paused PAC contributions and more…
  • Karen Naumann, APR
    Snr. Instructor, Public Affairs
    U.S. Department of Defense’s Information School
  • Karen Elliott
    Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs
    Entertainment Software Association
  • Michael Golden
    Golden Mean Strategies
  • Scott Thomsen
    Past President
    National Association of Government Communicators
  • Desson Thomson
    Director, executive communications
    Motion Picture Association