The Future of Social Media: Lessons from Internet Culture

Many organizations are looking for ways to reach Gen Z consumers and beyond, but using slang on Twitter and sharing memes without understanding your target audience won’t win you any favors. Instead, this conversation will help you understand both the content and audiences across social media platforms, but also help you embrace the shifting social media landscape. Join Chris Harihar, Partner at Crenshaw Communications, as he uncovers trends and takeaways with Ben Goggin, Senior Editor, Digital Culture for Insider; Aly Ellis, Director of Social Media for Cheddar; and Kieyle Taylor, Global Head of Partnerships, Managing Partner, at GroupM.

You’ll learn:

  • The newest social media features across platforms including TikTok, Instagram and Twitter—and how you can best use them to communicate
  • Takeaways from Reddit and why communicators should better understand internet culture when engaging and crafting content
  • Ways to better use social media and technology in ways that fit with your brand’s voice and organization’s mission
  • Kieley Taylor
    Global Head of Partnerships, Managing Partner
  • Aly Ellis
    Director of Social Media
  • Ben Goggin
    Senior Editor, Digital Culture
  • Chris Harihar
    Executive Vice President
    Crenshaw, a Mod Op company