Head Meets Heart: Channels and Messaging to Inspire and Activate Change Agents

Internal messaging and effective use of your digital channels is vital when your organization undergoes structural shifts, tries a new business model or steers into uncharted areas like we all have this past year. Discover new ways to create change-oriented content and share your vision when you most need to protect your brand and employees.

You’ll learn:

  • Why traditional change management frameworks like Prosci’s ADKAR model fail (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement)
  • Values + Empathy: What a modern change comms model looks like in 2021
  • How to identity the best digital channels and influencers for your message
  • Talk triggers and internal word of mouth: How to create a safe place and give employees a reason to talk about your change initiatives and what they’re feeling
  • How to create a feedback loop and measure engagement so you can adjust, reinforce and celebrate wins on your journey to change
  • Ashini Parikh
    Executive Vice President, Digital Employee Experience
  • Julia Christenson
    EVP, Employee Experience Group Head