Winning the Hearts, Hands and Minds of Employees to Inspire Their Personal Best

It takes more than a poster to win the hearts, hands and minds of employees. Engaged employees who truly understand an organization’s mission, vision and culture deliver better quality and service. To what extent is your organization’s strategy and best place to work culture aligned and reflected in your communication strategies? How much are you capitalizing on attributes like trust, pride and recognition to inspire your employees to give their personal best?

Aaron Gillingham, vice president of human resources at OhioHealth, will walk you through some of his organization’s best practices. You will leave this session motivated and inspired to align your communication strategies with your company’s business and HR strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect with your employees so that they feel valued and willing to give their personal best
  • Support employees to be their best by focusing on culture, overall well-being, and rewards and recognition
  • Exceed your goals for employee engagement
  • Aaron Gillingham
    System Vice President Human Resources