When Failure is Not an Option: How to build a culture of resilience

The world is complicated, distracting, and evolving at a pace we’re not used to. And we ask our employees to do more with less every day, often forgetting that they are people with real challenges, emotions and issues. People do not need to be driven to deliver results – leaders can shape a workplace where people are more likely to show strong optimism and motivation in response to consistency in communications, greater self-awareness, and leaders who prove they put people first. Tracey Grove from Microsoft will discuss how to build a stronger employee culture through communications.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to improve your skill of motivation, in yourself and others
  • Which beliefs can reduce motivation, and how to overcome or change them
  • How micro messages can devalue and impair employee performance
  • Leadership actions that build trust and employee engagement
  • Tracey Grove
    Director of Internal Communications