Video’s “8-Second Rule”: How to evolve your social media strategy to reach Gen Z

Did you know the average attention span of youth has gone from 12 seconds to eight seconds? That’s an eight-second filter for you to reach young consumers today. And now that we’ve finally wrapped our heads around what makes millennials tick, here comes Gen Z—with their data-enabled minds, global connectedness and eight-second attention spans. As younger audiences come into their own, with strong consumer opinions to share and solid preferences on how to communicate with them, marketers are once again challenged to innovate and re-set their strategies. Join this session to learn how to reach today’s most discerning and elusive consumers with new social media tools, short-form video and visual storytelling.

Session Highlights:

  • The post-millennial market: The scope, scale, influence and spending power of Gen Z
  • The mindsets and characteristics of Gen Z—and how to tie them into content plans
  • Rules of engagement: How to find, attract and engage Gen Z on top platforms
  • Step-by-step process for creating compelling images and graphics for Gen Z
  • The 8-second video playbook: Lessons of successful short-form videos
  • The tools and techniques top brands are using to create snappy videos
  • What’s next: Emerging visual platforms and trends embraced by Gen Z
  • Angela Fernandez
    Creative Planner