Video secrets that can reveal ‘a whole new world’ on YouTube and beyond

To stand out on social media, you can’t just say it—you have to show it. As visuals and captivating content become increasingly more paramount to successful online strategies and campaigns, more communicators and creators than ever before are turning to video. However, just hitting “record” and hoping for the best won’t net you eyeballs or favor with busy viewers. In this panel discussion, digital video creators and experts will share takeaways from their content successes and uncover tips and trips to inspire—whether you’re looking to hone your YouTube strategies or just want to jump on the video bandwagon.

You’ll learn:

Traits of clickable and shareable videos—along with how to measure your success

Digital video trends and best practices for YouTube, Facebook and more

Tips for finding the story or creative idea that can give your video traction with viewers

How to balance polished corporate and marketing messages with content that’s relatable to your audience

  • Jake Jacobson
    Former director of PR
    Children’s Mercy Kansas City
  • Matt Silverman
    Director of video
    The Daily Dot
  • Bob Hitchcock
    Editorial content director
    Disney Parks
  • Benton Crane
    Harmon Brothers