Using and Scaling Insights to Tap into Humanity: How to Better Reach and Engage Your Target Consumers

Numbers can help you show growing trends, point out shifts in consumer behavior, report your successes and gain executive buy-in—but only if you’re gathering the right insights and approaching them with human-centric frameworks and programs that provide valuable context for audiences’ changing behaviors and needs. Douglas Healy, Senior Director of Global Consumer Insights at PepsiCo, will share how he and his team have used insights and data to better understand consumers and deliver solutions and strategies that meet their needs—while also boosting the bottom line. He’ll also share how data-driven practices can help you create lasting and effective strategies and minimize reputational risk.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to best pull and analyze insights for your target consumer(s)
  • How to balance deep and rich insights with scaling the numbers, so it’s big enough to matter
  • Ways that foundational research and insights can help you create long-term strategies instead of knee-jerk efforts that come up short
  • Tools and resources to use to bring humanity to the numbers
  • Douglas Healy
    Senior Director, Consumer Insights
    Gatorade at PepsiCo