The power of the personal: Tell your organization’s story through employee features

Your organization wants to connect with its stakeholders, be they internal employees or external candidates and clients. How can you connect with them in a memorable and meaningful way to achieve your goals, whether it’s creating a collective sense of purpose, attracting top talent or embedding key messages that support your culture? The answer is through your employees and their stories. No matter what audience you’re targeting or messages you’re trying to share, first-person stories are usually the most compelling and far-reaching.

Key Highlights:

  • Tap into your fiercest evangelists—employees—to tell engaging stories that support your goals and your organization’s overall vision
  • Give your content legs that go beyond one channel and tailor stories for more than one audience
  • Use a variety of methods to creatively tell stories that stick
  • Jocelyn Sims
    Internal Communications, Strategic Communications and Employee Engagement
    Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago