Big Brand Fireside: How Fox Entertainment and Microsoft Pivoted Social Media Strategies

It’s time to step back and hear how big brands are stepping into the future. In this fun, fast-paced closing fireside, you’ll hear how two execs who oversee social media ecosystems featuring over 100 accounts and 20 blogs helped to lead the charge during the pandemic pivot—and set their teams up for greater success in 2021. You’ll learn:

  • How Microsoft and Fox Entertainment’s social media teams shifted in 2020 a
  • How online communities pressured brands to take stances on big issues—
    plus how to engage now with Empathy, Purpose and Authenticity (EPA)
  • The content, format, channels and messages driving engagement today
  • How big brands now view the Big Five (Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube)—
    while testing newbies like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces
  • Microsoft Teams and the role social media apps play in the new hybrid workspace
  • Angie Aldape
    Director of Blog and Social Operations
  • Tulani Elisa
    Vice president of social media
    Fox Entertainment
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications