Storytelling for Connection: Sharing Your Company’s Narrative

Let’s dive into storytelling and its profound impact on creating a sense of belonging and purpose within your company. Discover how to craft and share your company’s narrative in a way that resonates with employees, strengthens organizational culture and drives meaningful connections. Through real-life examples and practical techniques, you’ll learn how to weave stories that inspire, motivate and align your team with your company’s mission and values. You’ll discover:

  • The Ultimate Communication Arsenal: Understand the science (and art!) behind storytelling and why it’s a potent tool for workplace communications.
  • Crafting Corporate Narratives that Captivate: Learn the essential elements of a compelling company narrative and how to tailor it to different audiences.
  • Elevate Your Communication Game: Acquire the practical strategies you’ll need to integrate storytelling into various communication channels.
  • Rachel Thomae
    Assistant Director, Leadership and Employee Communications
    UC San Diego Health