Social Media Macros: Ditch the Snacks and Create Value-Driven Videos for YouTube and TikTok

With so much content available to audiences across social media platforms, people have more control than ever over the videos they watch, series and films they stream, and information or campaigns they listen to. Attention is the online commodity, but savvy social media pros can connect in powerful ways with audiences searching for content that answers their questions, meets their needs and entertains. Bardi Moradi, Social Media Manager at Xbox, will share why you should swap “snackable” videos for those that resonate with your followers, no matter the length—and how you can get started.

You’ll learn:

  • Content reach and engagement opportunities available on TikTok and YouTube—and why they differ from pay-to-play social strategies
  • How to think of your content across social media as delicious cuisine—and how you can exchange empty calories for offerings with substance
  • How to approach video creation, no matter the length—along with ways to tailor and repurpose your efforts for TikTok and YouTube