Scaling the Impact of Your Corporate Communications with Video

Did you know that corporate videos can increase message retention by 90% compared to 10% from text? That’s why it’s time to double-down on videos to scale your external and internal corporate communications strategy! Join our expert-led fireside chat where Glassdoor’s and PlayPlay’s communications, marketing and video content experts will showcase the impact of video in corporate communications and provide you with practical insights to succeed.

Our event will cover:

  • Why video is essential for modern corporate communications.
  • Inspire you with real-world examples of corporate videos to achieve best results.
  • Proven techniques to create engaging videos that resonate with your stakeholders.
  • Strategies for seamless video distribution across various channels for maximum impact.
  • Nponano Maikori
    Senior Manager, Internal Communications
  • Tyler Lederer-Plaskett
    Video Content Advisor