Our Brains are Hooked on Stories—Feed that Need!

Baby shoes for sale, never worn.

A compelling story can come from something as simple as six words.

You don’t need reams of copy or a million-dollar video budget to tell a captivating story that will engage people’s minds in ways that taglines and product pitches simply can’t.

This session looks behind the scenes at how corporate storytelling works at FedEx. You’ll hear concrete examples of written and video communications built around stories, not around bullet points.

Key Highlights:

  • Ways the FedEx content production and brand journalism team approach to storytelling
  • How to communicate your brand’s values through supported causes
  • How to build stories that span multiple platforms
  • How to engage with people through the things they love
  • How to be subtle, but make your brand relevant
  • Jason Baker
    Social Media Manager