Millennials and Gen Z are People, Too: The X, Y and Z of engaging with your audience

Your news feed bulges with adorable cat videos. Your email inbox overflows with coupons. Your job is marketing or PR, but your audiences don’t want to be marketed to, and don’t trust messages straight from the brand. How do you get your story out? Niki Smith of Drake University and you will break it down. You’ll reach the elusive Millennial and the generation to come. Niki will explain the context of the prevailing attitudes and purchasing behaviors of Millennials and Gen Z. She’ll walk you through Drake’s successful engagement programs and show you tips and tricks you can apply to your organization. Put that herd of cats on the run!

Key Highlights:

  • De-clutter the incoming content barrage so you can focus on the gems
  • Streamline your audience research to make time to produce content that hits home
  • Take advantage of crowdsourcing and what works for your particular audiences
  • Be authentic because Millennials know when your story is fake
  • Find free apps and monitoring sites to get to know your audience
  • Niki Smith
    Digital Media Strategist
    Drake University