Mastering Content Creation for Social Media

To create compelling stories that resonate across various media platforms, it’s critical that your brand’s narrative is authentic, engaging and memorable. This interactive session will provide the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises and collaborate with your fellow attendees — so you leave with inspiring ways to improve and innovate your content mix. You’ll learn:

  • How to create compelling and shareable content: Strategies for developing a consistent brand voice, crafting captivating headlines and optimizing across social media.
  • The art of creating engaging written content: How to write persuasive copy and incorporate storytelling, whether it’s for a blog, thought leadership post or social media updates.
  • Visual storytelling: Techniques to create visually stunning, attention-grabbing images, videos and graphics.
  • IGC strategies: How to target partners who can create influencer-generated content at little- to no-cost for your brand.
  • What’s next: AI-empowered tools that will save you time, including social media monitoring tools like Sysomos, SproutSocial and Sprinklr, management dashboards like Sprout Social and influencer trackers like AspireIQ.
  • Tulani Elisa
    Vice president of social media
    Fox Entertainment
  • Rabiah Elisa
    Digital Media Consultant