Is it time for a culture upgrade? Driving behavior change and company culture through powerful internal communications

You can have an exciting, innovative product or service and a great strategy, but without a culture that matches, your business won’t thrive. The first steps to creating a lasting culture of innovation? Identifying the behaviors that will truly motivate employees to fulfill your organization’s mission, and engaging senior leaders in the culture-building process by making sure your culture meets the strategic needs of the business. Learn how to get senior leaders on board with your efforts and create truly powerful culture change within your organization.

Key Highlights:

  • Determine what behaviors will drive a culture of innovation
  • Partner with senior leaders to ensure your culture change endures
  • Effectively communicate your new culture to all employees
  • Make culture change powerful and measurable
  • Share your new culture externally to promote your employer brand
  • Karen Kelly
    Executive communication and employee engagement manager