How to Prepare a Proactive Crisis Communications Plan (that we hope you never have to use)

Tara Darrow believes the exact right time to create a solid crisis communications plan is now, when times are peaceful. That’s the ONLY way you’ll enable yourself and your organization to respond quickly and appropriately when the crisis comes. Darrow, who has supported reputation management for several organizations, will lay out simple steps to set up a plan and things for you to think about before a situation blows up right in front of you.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create a response plan now to monitor, define, and de-escalate a crisis
  • How to build a team set up for success to respond quickly and appropriately
  • How to identify the best tools and tactics for sharing your organization’s messages
  • To identify guiding principles for crisis comms that serve your organization best
  • Tara Darrow
    Public Affairs and Corp Social Responsibility Director