How social listening can be your digital currency across platforms

Communicators know how important monitoring the media landscape and scanning for trends or potential crises can be—and many social media pros keep track of their brand mentions and interactions online. However, social listening can give you much more than a list of praises sung by your fans or concerns brought by your critics. In this panel, communications experts across industries will explain how you can use social listening best practices to better understand who your followers are, target consumers and entice them to act, use feedback to inform your products and campaigns, and avoid digital pitfalls that can tarnish your organization’s reputation.

  • Kirsten Hamstra
    Director of worldwide social marketing
  • Kevin Goddard
    Head of Social Media
    Amazon Web Services
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"
  • Josh Margulies
    Director of marketing
    Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Lauren Thomas 
    Senior manager of communications and social media