How Dell’s “Social Media University” Recruits Passionate Employee Advocates

Employees can be your best brand advocates, but many brands don’t create a culture in which employees feel empowered to share ideas about work on their personal social networks. Dell took a different path: It provided training, tools, and content for our employees to read, comment on and share. In this session we will follow the outcomes of our campaign to kindle activity, collaboration and idea-generation among our employees on our workplace social networks. Spoiler Alert! Results include: Better- informed employees, higher employee satisfaction, more customer engagement with our branded content, shortened buying cycles and better sales performance.

Session Highlights:

  • Why social advocacy will improve your business’ talent acquisition, marketing, product development and sales
  • How Dell designed our Social Media University to support all employees, even executives
  • How Dell connected employee passion and public trust in word-of- mouth to the power of social
  • Where you may meet turbulence and obstacles on your path to enable employee advocates
  • Amy Heiss
    Global Manager, Social Media Training and Employee Activation Program