Future-Proofing Comms: What’s Next in AI, Tools and Technology

These past few years have accelerated technology changes and disrupted how companies lead, enable, empower and engage around communications. Rapid innovations in automation and AI have created new tools for communicators to use and master, but becoming an early adopter of emerging tech is not without its risks. In this panel discussion, AI experts will share insights, including:

  • Generative AI: Discover what comes after the ChatGPT hype — including gated AI, dynamic content creation and original AI art.
  • Predictive AI: Why the future of data measurement is artificial — and how to tap into it to optimize results, user experiences and any content your team touches.
  • Roadblocks: The legal, ethical, security and regulatory challenges presented by these tools — including how to stay compliant.
  • Predictions: The impact AI will have on SEO and affiliate marketing – plus how to follow the money to trendspot what’s coming.
  • Justin Joffe
    Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief
    Ragan Communications
  • Chris Harihar
    Executive Vice President
    Crenshaw, a Mod Op company
  • Aaron Kwittken
    Founder and CEO
  • Megan DiSciullo
    US & Mexico Communications Leader