Excited, Energized & Jazzed Employees Will Define Your Communication Strategy

A successful company is one that can see its future opportunities and get out of its own way to instigate, gather and share the individual thoughts and feeling of its employees.

What and how you communicate with your employees defines your workplace culture, purpose and vision. It also clarifies the expectations of the organization, the role all employees play in making that organization a success and establishes an open two-way dialogue to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every employee should be involved in the communication process, not just upper management
  • Everyone’s individuality and personality drive the events that result in effective and impactful communication
  • Stories are what keep the company soul alive
  • Finance people really can sing and dance
  • The unexpected gets people’s attention
  • A Moooouge is a cross between a luge and a cow
  • Steve Pinetti
    Senior Vice President of Inspiration and Creativity
    Kimpton Hotels