Driving Business Success Through Culture and Employee Experience Can Be More than “Once Upon a Dream”

Technology has fundamentally changed the way employees receive and share both news and information. It’s also created an incredible responsibility for how communicators shape the employee experience through meaningful messages and engagement. Whether recruiting or retaining, focusing on brand equity or measuring social sentiment, increasing productivity or fostering collaboration, employees play a crucial role in storytelling and business success. Having activated storytellers begins with strong internal communications that can create connection and nurture engagement and community. Robyn Hannah, senior director of global communications for Dynamic Signal, and Kirsten Hamstra, global social media manager at SAS, will discuss how internal and external communicators can work together to build trust and effectively empower employees with a framework for becoming ambassadors who can powerfully affect organizations’ bottom lines.

You’ll learn:

Ways to drive employee productivity and innovation through meaningful engagement

How to manage operational and reputational risk with effective digital communications

Secrets for internal social media interactions that build culture and create alignment

Create passionate, mobilized employee advocates who ensure a positive work culture

  • Kirsten Hamstra
    Director of worldwide social marketing
  • Robyn Hannah
    Senior director of global communications
    Dynamic Signal