Liberate your Love of Words and Prepare to be Amazed

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Words are the lifeblood of business. Simply, they make everything happen. When our words aren't doing their jobs, we're not doing ours. And yet words are often overlooked and undervalued. Mark Buchanan, from the Cisco Global Brand team, will paint a picture of how Cisco is changing the way its 75,000 people communicate around the world. He'll share insights, examples and results the business cares about. And he'll talk about what it all means for you and your corporate communications team.

Key Highlights:

  • Reconnect with the joy of writing
  • Make small changes that make a big difference
  • Re-inspire your communications culture
  • Become a trusted advisor and transform your business
March 2017

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Mark Buchanan is helping people at Cisco use simpler, more distinctive language. He's helping bring empathy back to a technology company that has always cared about people, but has found those values challenged by rapid growth and increasingly complex technology. Mark and the people at Cisco are changing the culture of communications around the world for 75,000 employees in a $50 billion business.