Communication’s Holy Grail: How to speak to Gen Z without using words

Millennials and Generation Z are no longer interested in your elevator speech. And they won’t read your press release, white paper or latest corporate communiqué. This is especially true with Gen Z because these young adults are hyper-connected and extremely visually oriented. They speak using emojis, hashtags and six-second videos. That means your opportunity to communicate with this $44 billion market is limited. This session will reveal the best practices for breaking through to these elusive younger audiences—straight from a practitioner who communicates with them daily on their terms. She’ll reveal how Drake University tailors its messages and images to young adults—so you, too, can keep their attention and convert their engagement into something tangible.

Key Highlights:

  • What motivates Gen Z: Authenticity, causes and relevant, fun content
  • Gen Z’s social media ecosystem: The most-used channels and apps, from Snapchat and Instagram to Pinterest and beyond
  • How to leverage the power of native social media to tell a genuine brand story
  • How to let loose and have fun with your content to make your brand relatable
  • Quick tips for using emojis and hashtags to drive engagement
  • Niki Smith
    Digital Media Strategist
    Drake University