Communicating Trust Through Chaos: Moving from Panic to Power in Any Crisis

There’s no better way to learn how to stay cool in the hot seat than by hearing practical lessons from others who’ve sweated through crisis situations — and are here to talk about it. Join to hear firsthand exactly what it takes to communicate trust and transparency through chaos, mobilize responders and protect both the reputation you’re tasked with building and the stakeholders you serve. You’ll learn:

  • New Edelman data: Gen Z’s impact on how brands respond to crises — and how to meet rising expectations to show societal leadership in crisis plans.
  • Situation > Issues > Crisis: What a crisis plan looks like in the age of polarization, mis/disinformation and declining trust
  • Strategic priorities vs prescriptive holding statements: How trust and transparency can help prevent issues from escalating
  • Mobilization principles: Who needs to be notified, what messages to share and how to activate empathetic, effective crisis plans.
  • Lessons learned: Insights from responses to The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, facial rec controversy and “advocacy by Tweet” pressure.
  • Adam Pratt
    Director of Issues and Policy Communications
  • Bradley Akubuiro
    Bully Pulpit Interactive
  • Dave Fleet
    Head of Global Digital Crisis