Better Business Fluency for Communicators

Financial acumen and business fluency are the keys you need to get a coveted seat at the table (and maintain it!). You must have a strong command of the financial terms, concepts and language around your organization’s priorities, mission and revenue goals. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to apply your business acumen to develop communication plans that meet the needs of your various stakeholders.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to deliver quantifiable DE&I and ESG results into business reporting, annual reports and internal communications.
  • The tools you need to manage and interpret financial statements, as well as develop and oversee organizational budgets … including your budget (and how to negotiate for more!).
  • Strategies for tying communication plans to the bottom lines that leadership values most.
  • Important business terms that can ascribe value to your communications efforts and tips for interpreting annual reports and financial statements.
  • Matt Ragas
    Associate Professor
    Depaul University
  • Kelly McGrail
    Senior communications and reputation strategist