Adrenaline Meets Public Affairs: The Anatomy of a More Nimble Public Affairs Strategy

If there’s one thing we learned this year, it’s that all bets are off if you’re working from a public affairs strategy that’s set in stone (and the past). Hear how to ramp up your public affairs strategy so it’s more responsive to current events and instant crises—with insights from public affairs insiders who know something about “putting out fires” and handling crises.

You’ll learn:

  • The structure of a more adaptable public affairs plan, top to bottom
  • How to optimize audience segmentation and channel selection
  • How to assess your plan, monitor results and adjust messaging in real-time
  • Lessons from firefighting and FEMA training: How to flip your strategy when
    everything changes overnight
  • How to understand the psychology behind crisis response strategies
  • Insights for predicting stakeholders reactions to your organization’s crisis response
  • What organizations can do before a crisis to mitigate the effects of one
  • Karen Naumann, APR
    Snr. Instructor, Public Affairs
    U.S. Department of Defense’s Information School
  • Scott Thomsen
    Past President
    National Association of Government Communicators