A Spoonful of Sugar: The art of visual storytelling to make the medicine go down

You’ve got all this data. What good is it if no one reads it? Figuring out how to break down a lot of information, use pictures and graphics, and make folks care about what you say isn’t luck. Alison Knowlton, a graphic designer and director of staff engagement at Teach For America, has learned a thing or two about making data sexy. She’ll guide you through how to change your thinking about visual storytelling.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to break down a lot of words into the right combination of words and images
  • How to determine when an infographic would enhance your audience’s understanding of data
  • How to breathe some fresh air into your delivery of complex data (so people will care!)
  • How to develop a designer’s eye on your communication strategy as a whole
  • Practical insider tips from a graphic designer, i.e., How to make it pretty
  • Alison Knowlton
    Teach for America