Your Time Is Now! How to Prove Your Worth as a Communicator in Times of Crisis

Your execs need your counsel now more than ever. Join to hear how to step into the breach with confidence, based on firsthand experience and findings from a new Peppercomm/IPR study showcasing the increased value execs place communications in their COVID-19 response:

  • How to stay cool in the hot seat as Covid-19 escalates—and amid future crises
  • How to work cross-functionally with legal and other partners
  • How to define your role during a crisis, determine who is on your team and who’s in charge
  • New Peppercomm/IPR study results: How companies are handling the pandemic, what information sources are most trusted now—and how other communicators are responding
  • Steps you can take now to deliver the guidance your execs expect in crisis

  • Steve Cody
  • Tina McCorkindale
    President and CEO
    Institute for Public Relations
  • Alex Dudley
    Former Senior Vice President of Communications
    Charter Communications