Your Role in Reimagining the Workplace for the Hybrid Culture

As many employees return to the workplace, organizations are taking the opportunity to rethink workspace purpose and design. For some, it’s a new emphasis on collaboration. For others, it’s about engagement and inclusion. Whatever the priority, wellness pros should play a role. Hear from two experts in office design what they’re prioritizing and how they’re collaborating across the organization. You’ll learn:

  • The well-being principles that should be included in facilities design
  • How those principles will help determine the specifics of your RTW policy, including who comes in and under what circumstances
  • How workspace design can enhance ROI in measurable ways
  • Common well-being mistakes in conventional office design, and how to correct them
  • How workspace design can be used to enhance organizational culture and drive employee engagement
  • Mark Mohammadpour
    Owner and Chief Well-being Officer
    Chasing the Sun
  • Whitney Eichinger
    Managing Director, Culture & Engagement
    Southwest Airlines