Writing in the Age of AI: Partnering with AI Programs

Producing a steady stream of copy and content can be exhausting. It can be challenging to keep up with your content marketing engine and consistently deliver quality content without burning out or missing a deadline. Top brand strategists have found that the key is partnering with AI solutions rather than simply outsourcing to them. In this session, you’ll gain a solid foundation in AI writing concepts and useful techniques for harnessing the power of AI. Join our writing instructor to learn:

  • Best practices in enhancing productivity, efficiency, and creativity in your writing
  • AI techniques for generating engaging content and concise prompts
  • Editing and proofreading tools that improve the quality and accuracy of your content
  • How to ensure responsible and unbiased content that’s ethically sound
  • Leveraging AI for personalized communication that’s tailored to your specific audiences
  • Julia McCoy
    President, Founder, Author
    Content at Scale, Content Hacker