Writing Certificate Course – Week 2

The Art and Science of Crafting More Convincing, Creative and Inclusive Copy

With the competencies of clear writing down, we’ll focus on tactics to write more persuasively and creatively so you convince — and captivate — all readers. You’ll also learn how to apply these techniques to a variety of common communication documents.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • The science of persuasion: how leading behavioral persuasion theories apply to writing.
  • How to rein in exaggerated writing to persuade without hype.
  • Choosing the right words.
  • How metaphor, simile and vivid descriptions that can add color and context to anything you write.
  • Why inclusive writing matters — and DE&I guidelines every writer can implement.
  • Zainab Chaudary
    Senior Vice President
    New Heights Communication
  • Jill Stewart
    Writing Coach and Adjunct Faculty Member
    DePaul University’s College of Communication
  • Isis Simpson-Mersha
    Reporter/Conference Producer
    Ragan Communications