Write It Better and Faster: The One StoryHack You Need to Turn “Boring” into “Blockbuster”

Storytelling may be the most critical competitive advantage for you company, career and content. It connects us as people—and companies with our employees, customers and audiences. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy—especially when you’re on deadline. Here’s your cheat sheet to help speed up and supercharge your storytelling. You’ll learn:

  • The neuroscience behind storytelling’s amazing power
  • How to simplify your messaging to break through content pollution
  • The one StoryHack you need to quickly take the complexity out of your storytelling and start creating better content faster
  • Inspiring examples: A crash course in the “And But Therefore” framework
  • Bonus: Use cases from Oprah, LeBron James, and the producers of “The Book of Mormon.”
  • Douglass Hatcher