Work Smarter, Not Harder to Create Content that Surprises, Delights and Moves the Needle

In a sea of messages, images and more across social media platforms, branded content must be quick, clever and deliver on consumer needs to be heard above the noise. However, creating original content and posting on a consistent basis can be challenging. That’s where user-generated content, data-informed messaging and content marketing savvy save the day. Cara Meiselman, Director of Strategic Content Marketing and Performance for Slice, will share ways the pizza technology platform is leveraging user-generated content meeting and helping make a difference through effective digital content and social media efforts—along with practical takeaways for you to do the same.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways you can create content that not only captures attention, but also encourages consumers to move down the marketing funnel
  • How to use data to create social media content strategies that help achieve business goals as well as brand awareness
  • Tricks to identify existing opportunities and touch-points that will result in more user-generated content
  • Tips and tools for infusing your digital marketing and social media campaigns with visually appealing and outstanding content
  • Cara Meiselman
    Director, Strategic Content Marketing and Performance